Exaltation's Family

About the Family

Exaltacion works as a street-cleaner for the local barangay (Filipino word for neighborhood) in the morning. When she finishes up with those duties, Exaltacion usually returns home to continue working. She spends a lot of her time in her garden, but also makes sure to keep her house very orderly and well-maintained. Additionally, Exaltacion loves to cook, especially with the vegetables she grows in her yard. The only other member of her household is her granddaughter, but she is typically out of town as she is currently pursuing her studies at college in Cebu City.

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About the House

Exaltacion’s traditional Philippine house is located in the middle of the Indonacion neighborhood.  For those travelers looking to be somewhat removed from the areas  of Malapascua that are concentrated with resorts and dive shops, the location of Exaltacion’s home will be a perfect fit.  When guests arrive, they will notice how they can enjoy the green garden or patio directly out front, serving as a perfect place to relax.  The bedroom is located directly off of the living room, and comes with a ceiling fan, in addition to a stand-up fan, ensuring that fresh airflow is not an issue.  Additionally, windows in the bedroom are complete with screens, so fresh air can be let in at night.  Inside the house, guests will also find a bathroom that is supplied with conventional Philippine fixtures.  This means that the toilet is bucket-flush, while showering is done with a bucket of water, as well.  Even though the neighborhood is isolated from where most tourists stay, the beach and ocean are still only a short walk away, allowing guests to have an ideal balance between learning about the customary Philippines and enjoying the richness of the Malapascua waterfront.  



Exal and her family are very friendly, nice and welcomed me warmly. When I met Exal in the evening, we always had a chat, which I really appreciated! See you again I hope…

Celine & Bertrand

Thanks for all. Don’t change. Bisous, Bisous x

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