Marlita & Ricardo's Family

About the Family

Marlita and her partner, Ricardo, both work with the ocean in some respect. Marlita mainly works on land, supporting her husband’s career by sewing fishnets. In turn, Ricardo uses the nets at sea as a fisherman. Besides fishing, Ricardo also uses his boats to provide island tours for travelers to Malapascua. Together, they are proud to have had six children, five of which live at home and are currently students. During the week, the family rises early in the morning to prepare for school and work. Once Ricardo and the kids leave the house, Marlita stays busy with cleaning the home, doing laundry, and preparing food. In the afternoon, the whole family enjoys lunch together.

When the day is winding down and everyone has returned from school or work, the family enjoys doing many activities together. To name a few, Marlita and Ricardo’s family loves to go swimming, as well as singing karaoke. In addition to that, the family adores hosting their friends and extended family for special occasions, including birthdays and holidays. In the spirit of celebration, fiestas are always enjoyed by all, and if guests arrive at the right times of the year, they may also get to take part in the community-wide parties with Marlita, Ricardo, and their children.

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About the House

Marlita and Ricardo’s home is a traditional Philippine residence, and luckily for travelers that are coming to Malapascua for the ocean, Marlita and the family live very close to the beach.  The bedroom contains a large and comfortable bed, as well as a cabinet for guests to unpack their things, making it feel a bit more like home.  There is a ceiling fan, in addition to a stand-up fan, making certain that it does not get too hot when sleeping.  In the living room, there are two sofas, which can serve as another space to relax in a bit more open of an environment.  For bathroom features, the residence contains conventional Philippine fixtures, in which there is a bucket-flush toilet and bucket shower.  Because Malapascua is hot every day of the year, the bucket shower acts a refreshing way to both begin and end the day.  Towards the back of the house, there is a large room made of bamboo, known as a payag in the Visayan language, which is a perfect place to hang out with the family or your travel companion, especially in the case that it is raining.  



I would like to say a really big thank-you for your hospitality and kindness. I wish them the best for the future and with other volunteers.


Thank you very much for your kindness and making sure everything was fine for me – very kind and caring! 🙂

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