Dominga &
Carlos's Family

About the Family

Dominga and her partner, Carlos, began hosting travelers at their home a couple of years ago. For work, Carlos is a fisherman, while Dominga maintains a small store that is based out of the house. They have three children together, two of which live in the house, as well, and go to school. In addition, Dominga and Carlos also have a grandson that stays with them. On a typical day, the family wakes up early in the morning to prepare for school and work. Once the family finishes the daily chores (cooking, cleaning, fixing the fishing nets, etc.), Dominga will open up the store, while Carlos will go out to sea to fish.

When the family is not busy working or studying, they enjoy spending time together, especially by sharing food over lunch and dinner. Also, the family loves to hang out with each other, converse, and listen to what everyone did during the day. For activities, the family often goes to the beach or watches TV.

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About the House

Dominga and Carlos’s home is very spacious and clean. It is located near the basketball court, perfect for those travelers who love to play sports.  If you are coming to Malapascua to enjoy the beach, then guests will be happy to see the beach is only a short walk away.  For those who are visiting for diving, most of the dive shops are less then a five minute walk. When arriving at the house, you will notice it has a lovely terrace, which is a great spot to relax any time of the day.  For amenities, guests have a private bedroom, which is located directly off the living room, and comes complete with a fan and a large shelf to unpack any belongings.   The bedroom is a corner room, meaning that it has dual windows, allowing a lot of natural light to come in during the morning!  Travelers will share the bathroom with the rest of the family but will enjoy fresh tiles, running water, a toilet seat, and a shower head.  The home has a big dinner table, allowing guests to share food and get to know the family better! 



Thank you very very much for welcoming such a weird woman who does not even eat fish! I hope that we will meet again in the future. You are the kindest people I have met these past years.


Thank-you so much for opening your home and looking after me. Although we didn’t talk much, your smiles and friendliness made me feel very much at home!

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