Marichit & Bobong's Family

About the Family

Marichet is famous for her siopao, a filipino steamed dumpling, in which she sells all over the island, but most notably the school. Inside the siopao is either meat or eggs, and is a must try if you’re staying at her home. Her day starts at 3AM when she starts her cooking. After that, she prepares breakfast for her children before they go to school, and then continues to wash the clothes and clean the house. She opens up her sari-sari store at the front of the house to sell goods to anybody passing by. She also volunteers as a Barangay Health Worker for Malapascua Health Center a couple times during the week. When time allows, most afternoons Marichet makes her second batch of siopao and then heads to the school for their snack time! Her husband, Jerry or Bobong for short, works as a boat captain for a resort on the island, TSD, and has been fishing the waters surrounding Malapascua for most of his life. He has a wide girth of knowledge for the sea and would be happy to point travelers wishing to swim, snorkel or dive in the best direction. At the end of the day, him and his eat dinner together and watch the news before heading to bed.

Jelli, the daughter of Marichet and Bobong, is the one living in the homestay house and will be there to assist you. Marichet and her husband, and their two sons, live next door. Jelli works as the Logon Environmental Officer, and oversees the waste transportation to the mainland.

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About the House

This quaint house is located in a very quiet grassy field about a 5 minute walk from the beach. The comfortable sofas in the living room offer a nice place to rest after a day on the beach. The newly renovated bathroom includes a shower. Although the house isn’t located on the beach, it offers a break from the hustle and bustle of the more populated part of the island. The bedroom offers a wardrobe to put your belongings in and of course an electric fan to cool you down.

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