Peregrina's Family

About the Family

Roberto (who normally goes by Junior) and his partner, Peregrina, are very experienced with hosting travelers at their homestay.  While they are both retired today, Junior spent his career as a fisherman, where he has gained an immense and unmatched knowledge on the local oceanography and marine life.  Peregrina, on the other hand, has spend a majority of her life working from home, acquiring an impressive skill set of cooking and baking, which has evolved into a refined specialty–delicious cupcakes.  Currently, they have three of their children that live with them, all of which work outside the house.

When the family has free time, they love to hang out together, where they will do activities like sing karaoke, watch TV, or spend time out on their boat while fishing or swimming.  In addition, celebrations are very important to the Peregrina and Junior as they enjoy observing birthdays and local fiestas.

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About the House

Roberto and Peregrina’s charming home has a roomy terrace in front, which is surrounded by countless green plants, making it a perfect place to de-stress in the morning, afternoon, or evening.  Centrally located on Malapascua’s southwest side, travelers will have convenient access to the ocean, restaurants, and dive shops, which are all a short walk down the way.  When guests go inside, they will take pleasure in the expansive living room, where travelers can take a break from the sun on some cozy bamboo couches.  The bedroom is spacious and comes furnished with a cabinet for travelers’ belongings, a fan, as well as a comfortable bed that tourists will certainly enjoy when they relax from a long day of diving or snorkeling, for instance.  Right down the hall from the bedroom, guests will find the bathroom, which is partially stylized in the traditional Philippine manner.  This means that travelers will have the opportunity to use a bucket-flush toilet.  Although, many travelers will also likely savor the shower head, allowing them to stand in a stream of water and cool off from the hot days that Malapascua has year-round.  Peregina and Roberto cannot wait to welcome new, as well as returning, guests to their beautiful quarters! 


Julian & Nadine

The family was nice and the hospitality was great. It was nive and quiet and I found the talks with Alvin very interesting.

Thank-you for having me and Nadine, it was super nice and we really enjoyed it. Thank-you especially for helping me out during the typhoon when I didn’t feel so well. See you soon!


Thank-you so much for your kindness and the warm welcome. It has been an unforgettable experince.

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