Nelson & Josephine's Family

About the Family

Josephine and Nelson are the parents to three grown boys, two of which are away at college and one who lives at home and attends high school. Josephine has the challenging and rewarding job of being a grade 5 teacher at the local elementary school. When she is not teaching at the school, she is probably busy preparing for her next class. Therefore, her husband, Nelson, is the one to look after the house and their family’s many gardens. He was a fisherman before, but now has retired and takes the time to enjoy their family home and use his skill of carpentry. As a family, they enjoy hosting friends and relatives whom visit during fiestas and special occasions. Josephine is the cook in the family and whips up plenty of tasty Filipino dishes – which you should be sure to take the time to enjoy.

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Services Offered:

prefer to accommodate a single girl or couple

About the House

The Micarsos’ home has the most beautiful garden! With a terrace in front the house, you will be able to kick back, relax, and admire Josephine and Nelson’s gardening. The bathroom is close to the kitchen and very modern with running water. The floor in the living room is concrete but with modern furnitures where you will be able to take a rest and watch TV with the family. The quaint, but clean bedroom will give you all the privacy you need.



Very freindly. More comfortable than I would have imagined. Let me have my privacy when I needed it. Thank-you!


I liked meeting them as people, but also getting to know more about the Filipino culture at the same time. They were very helpful and welcoming. 

Thank-you so much for having me and sharing your home with me for a month. I am very happy I got to know you during this time. You made my experince on Malapascua infinitely better.


J’ai apprecie la douche at la gentillesse de la famille. Merci de votre accueil.

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