Minerva's Family

About the Family

On a normal day, Minerva’s family wakes up early in the morning to get a good start on the daily household chores. Once the family finishes cleaning the house, Minerva sends her kids off to school. When they have left, she usually will continue the rest of the morning chores, while also getting a start on cooking lunch. When lunchtime comes around by early afternoon, Minerva’s kids will return home from school so that everyone in the family can enjoy eating together.

In the afternoon, the kids will head back to school, giving Minerva time to go outside to tend to her garden and maintain the compost. Depending on how many things are going on in the afternoon, Minerva may also take time to relax before welcoming the kids home from school. While preparing dinner, the kids in the family will work on their studies until it is time to eat together. In the evening, before heading to bed, the family might watch TV or maybe even spend some time singing and dancing together (one of Minerva’s favorite hobbies). On the weekends, the family also likes to spend time at the nearby beach, going swimming to cool off from the hot Malapascua sun.

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About the House

Minerva and her family’s home is very spacious and clean.  Travelers will love that the bedroom has a private entrance, allowing ample seclusion to relax and unwind after the day is complete.  Yet, the bedroom still shares the terrace with the rest of the house, meaning that guests will have convenient and close access to the living room, dining room, and bathroom.  Inside the bedroom, travelers will find a large dresser and a bed encased in a beautiful wooden frame. Inside the rest of the home, travelers will utilize a traditional Philippine bathroom.  This means that the toilet is bucket-flush and the shower is done with a bucket of water, too.  Although, guests will likely appreciate that the shower and toilet are in a separate side-by-side room, ensuring guests will not have to wait as long if other people in the family are busy getting ready in the morning.  Also, the living room has a couple of couches inside, which guests can enjoy throughout the day.  Not to mention that the roomy kitchen is available for guest use, which could even serve as the potential occasion to learn about Filipino cooking as Minerva loves to cook!

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