Marita & Edgar's Family

About the Family

Marita and her partner, Edgar, have four children; however, only their youngest son still lives at home and attends school here. For work, Marita runs a delectable BBQ stand and Edgar labors as a boat captain for a dive shop. Customarily, Edgar and Marita’s family awakes early in the morning so that everyone can prepare for school and work. When they all finally return home after their busy days, it is typical the family spends time bonding together. While sometimes this means the family is celebrating a birthday and other times it means attending church, bonding also commonly consists of hanging out at the BBQ stand or down by the beach under the talisay tree. On Sundays, or when there is no class, their children and grandchildren will visit and share meals.

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About the House

Marita and Edgar’s residence is a traditional Philippine home.  Guests who are looking to be close to the ocean will be keen on the location as the beach is only a one minute walk from the house.  Besides the beach, travelers who are divers will appreciate that several dive shops are close by.  Outside the house, there is a delightful garden patio, which serves as the perfect place to enjoy coffee in the morning or a rest in the afternoon. The living room comes with pleasant bamboo furniture, too.  Beyond that, the private bedroom for guests is airy and nicely decorated. Outside the house, travelers will find a conventional Philippine bathroom, which comes with a bucket-flush toilet and bucket shower.  Come unwind and enjoy with Marita and Edgar’s family! 



Thank-you so much for hosting me and making me feel welcome in the house and the family. It was a really good experience and I am really happy I met you all!

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