Regine & Jerry's Family

About the Family

Regine’s partner, Jerry, works overseas, while Regine primarily labors at home.  Together, Jerry and Regine now have four children.  Normally, Regine and her daughters wake-up early in the morning so that Regine can prepare most of the kids for going to school.  After the school-aged daughters are off to class, Regine remains active by caring for her younger children, as well as cleaning the house and cooking for the family.  When Regine has free-time, she might go for a walk on the beach.  Besides that, Regine loves to just relax with her family, especially by celebrating birthdays, holidays, and fiestas.

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Services Offered:

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About the House

Travelers looking to stay in a traditional Philippine home will enjoy a stay with Regine and her family.  For tourists wanting to go to the beach or to a dive shop, both are just a few minute walk away.  This two-story home will offer guests their own private floor for sleeping as the guest bedroom is the only room located upstairs.  The bedroom comes with a fan, as well as a dresser for guests to unpack their things.  Best of all, the bedroom offers a direct view of the ocean, which also allows the cool sea breeze to come through at night.  In addition, directly outside the bedroom is a nice sitting area, complete with two chairs that have an excellent sea view.  Downstairs, guests will also find the bathroom to be very clean, and as a traditional home, water needs to be brought in from the well, and there is a bucket-flush toilet and a bucket shower.  To store toiletries, the bathroom also comes with a shelf, located under the mirror.  Plus, the living room has a few chairs and a couch, serving as the perfect place for travelers to get to know the family! 



I had a great time staying at your house. I thought you were welcoming and took care of me during my stay. You daughters were adorable (and so were you!). Thank-you.


My family was really nice & sweet. I really enjoyed staying with them. “Hi Regine, I loved being in your house. Thanks for everything.”

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